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2021 Year in Review

The year 2021 was interesting and exciting in many ways. For the first time, it was the year that I started entirely as an entrepreneur and I have a full business period behind me. I have learned a lot from this year. There were lots of ups and downs in it, and looking back, it’s interesting to see the evolvement in the long run.

Switch, switch, switch

For example, in the last two years or so, I’ve switched my billing software 3 times to another. 4-5 times the task/project management system. And there has been a transition between my client management systems ever since.

These are not simple path searches. So it’s not typically a situation where I don’t know what I want and what I am looking for. I would rather describe it as looking for the best solution. I’ve read a million lines of reviews, clicked through countless demos all the way through, moved my stuff from A to B, but always to find a better “final” place for it.

Time will tell

Anyway, I experience this as a continuous improvement. Although it seems a failure in some situations. But later on, practice always justifies me. I will also present these tools and the pros and cons in later posts. The point is that I look at the previous year positively overall.

It managed to grow, although in 2021 I tried to invest back into the business as much as possible. I am thinking here of tools or software.

Of course, where an open-source solution was available, I chose it. It worked and it is working well. But there were situations when you had to subscribe or buy things (like plugins or storage subscriptions), because, with a good tool, the work is easier and faster. So it makes my everyday work a lot more easier. For example with my cloud subscriptions, I can reach my projects from my desktop while I am home, or from any location while I am on a trip.

The main changes:

  • I switched to Linux (Ubuntu) in May
  • I switched to Linux (Ubuntu) on every machine by June
  • I switched to POP OS in August
  • In the meantime, I got another HD monitor in addition to the previous one. One of the same type. (I was lucky to find it in one of the marketplaces)
  • I replaced my mouse and keyboard,
  • Some other fancy desktop and Office upgrades
  • Microphone and a microphone arm for meetings and recordings
  • And I bought a lot of software that I really need for my job. I will write about these later.

Revenue and Summary

There was also growth in revenue, but I invested in further improvements.

So overall, it did well last year. I have a lot of plans for this year as well, so I hope I can follow the same trend unless it brings better than last year. I have also devoted a lot to my own development, and this year I want to learn and develop even more, which I would also like to log here on the blog. 

Especially since the reason for continuing to blog in English was, among other things, to be more active in using and practicing the language, to improve myself

I hope that you keep up with me! :)

How was your previous year? What are you planning to do this year?

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